Book Review: Op-Art Socks

I mentioned in my fiber plans for 2014 I want to make another pair of socks and I want to try more knitting. Well, the first book review includes both those skills, but I think they will be a little too much for me to try right now. It is, however, a great book!

Since the northeast is in for some incredibly cold weather, I thought the perfect fist book review for 2014 would be about making great socks! Op-Art Socks: Creative Effects in Sock Knitting by Stephanie Van Der Linden is pure eye candy! It includes patterns for both men and women and every pattern comes with a chart.

The book starts with a “socks 101” explanation, which was a very easy read. It also includes helpful hints on how to read charts. Many patterns  have amazing geometrics mixed with color. As I flipped through the different patterns, it was really hard to pick a favorite – each pattern is more amazing than the next!

Of all of them, three patterns did really catch my eye. First, I loved the circular motion of “Victor.” The simplistic use of black and white really lets the pattern shine through. Another great pattern is “Alhambra.” I’m generally not a big pink fan, but I just love the shapes used in the pattern. Each time I looked at the photo from a different angle, you could see a different shape. Finally, I really like “Symmetry” done in blues and purples. As much as I try to break the habit, I do love symmetry in my work so this pattern definitely speaks to me!

The photos are great and each pattern starts with an explanation about a specific artist and the thought behind each pattern. While I am far from a knitting expert, the patterns seems to be very well written and easy to read.

As usual, it does have my one pet peeve – a standard book binding instead of a spiral binding. To me, it just makes pattern books easier to use, but I am sure it is far more costly than doing a perfect binding.

Other than the binding, this is a great book you will certainly enjoy. And as usual, this book can be yours!

Again, the rules are simple:
1. Make sure you “like” my Facebook page.
2. Make sure you “like” the book review post on Facebook.
3. I pick a winner!

Plus, the winner of Cozy Knits: 50 Fast & Easy Projects from Top Designers never came forward, so I’ll be picking a new winner for that book as well. Considering the terrible weather we are in for the next few days, this is a perfect book!
I’ll pick the lucky winner on January 5th. Good luck!

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