We are Jersey Strong

“The Jersey Shore of my youth, it is gone. No question of my mind, we will rebuild it, but it won’t be the same,” ~Chris Christie

I am a proud Jersey Girl. I have posted in the past for my devotion, pride, and love of my state. Well like many this week, my heart is breaking.
I’m lucky. I made out very well. We have had minor inconveniences. I look at what my state has been through – it just breaks my heart.

Me and my friend Gina at my Uncle’s
bungalow in Seaside prom weekend.

While Jersey is often the butt-end of jokes and many think of stupid so-called “reality shows” are New Jersey, many of us know better. We know the jewel we have.

Like many, the Jersey Shore was my birthright. My Aunts and Uncles lived in Seaside, right down the street from Rainbow Rapids. I spent prom weekend at Seaside, piling people into my Uncle’s bungalow after a ride down the Parkway blasting my Meatloaf cassette in my 1986 Mercury Cougar. Yes, I was the essence of cool.

It was a right of passage we took for granted. Playing the wheel at The Union Jack. The Chair Lift. Skee-ball at Lucky Leo’s. The Casino Pier Carousel. Cheese steaks at The Midway. Clams at the raw bar under the Log Flume. Cotton Candy. Kohr’s Frozen Custard. Salt Water Taffy. It wasn’t just walking the boards for me; it was the food. All the stuff you weren’t allowed to normally eat – those rules went right out the window Down the Shore. I could go on forever.

Our view from our motel room at
The Crusader in Wildwood.

After I was married, our Shore plans moved further south to Wildwood and Cape May. Our spot was The Crusader – a classic Jersey Shore Motel. One year we went straight down the day my husband finished school in June. It was great.
Now… I’m speechless. Watching Chris Christie after his first tour of Seaside – it broke my heart. When he said The Midway was gone. That’s what did it for me.

But let’s face it. We’re Jersey. We’re tough. We’re Jersey Strong. To live in a state that is mercilessly made fun of – you have to be tough. We’ll be back and better than ever. But for those of us who grew up going “Down the Shore” – it will never be the same.

I pray for those who lost everything that they will find the strength to move forward.

We are all doing our best to help. With that said, all proceeds from my pattern sales will be donated to The Red Cross to help my fellow Jerseyans. If you are in need of a crochet pattern, I hope you will consider making a purchase. You can find them on Patternfish, Ravelry, and Craftsy. And if you don’t – well, I hope you will consider making a donation to The Red Cross.

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