My Crochet Coral Reef

I wanted to share my major submission for the New Jersey State Fair for 2008. After all the talk of crocheted coral reefs and hyperbolic crochet, I decided to make one. I can’t tell you all how happy I am with the finished piece!

What is hyperbolic crochet you might ask?  Mathematician Dr. Daina Taimina developed the crochet concept based on a certain number of increase stitches included in every row. For thousands of years, this mathematical idea couldn’t be proven in the living plane. Now Dr. Taimina has taken crochet to show this space.

Now I am FAR from a mathematician, but I love the concept! As you look at these hyperbolic masterpieces, it is obvious how well it lends itself to create coral reefs. The idea has caught on and people all over the world are stitching their own reefs.

So, here is mine. I created the “ocean bottom” by using a sandy-colored fabric. I then used the stitching concepts from Dr. Taimina to build my reef. Of course I had to add other pieces like fish and jellyfish! I am really pleased with it.

I will be dropping it off this weekend for judging at the NJ State Fair. I’ll be sure to tell you all how I do! For more information, you can check out Dr. Taimina’s siteas well as The Institute for Figuring.

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