Review of Sticks, Hooks & Mobius

sticks, hooks, and the mobiusEarlier this month, the show Sticks, Hooks & Mobius: Knit and Crochet Go Cerebral opened at Lafayette College. I was honored to have four pieces accepted for inclusion in the show. I went to the opening and was excited to not only meet other fiber artists, but to see the amazing creativity that was part of the exhibit!

When you first pull up tot he Lafayette College campus, you see the organized yarn bombing event. The exhibit kicks off with a “yarn bombing” at noon on Sunday, Jan. 8 led by guest curator Susan Huxley of Easton. Huxley has been collecting afghans from thrift shops for the past six months. Members of the Lafayette and Easton communities are invited to help attach the afghans to the handrail of the lafayette college yarn bombingstaircase that links North Third Street to Lafayette’s campus as a symbol of unity. The colorful afghans will also add beauty to a stark urban landscape, a primary goal of the worldwide “yarn bombing/knit graffiti” phenomenon.

The exhibit itself shows the amazing creativity of those who work with hooks and needles. I certainly enjoyed wandering the exhibit and looking at all the different works that were accepted into the show.

albert einsteinOne of the most amazing pieces is a lap-blanket-size Albert Einstein. When you look it at straight, it looks just like a brown and off-white blanket. However, when you look at it on an angle, you see Mr. Einstein. I have no idea how that works, but it is amazing!

Of all the pieces I had accepted, I think my favorite is my motherboard. Someone once described me as a “digital personality with analog hobbies.” While I never liked the person who told me motherboardthat, the description definitely fits. My motherboard allowed me to artistically combine my two sides.

I am in complete awe of the pieces that are a part of this show. Guest Curator Susan Huxley has done an amazing job pulling this show all together. All the photos I took at the show can be found at my Facebook page. The show is open until February 5th. I hope you consider going to see all the amazing creative pieces that are a part of the show.

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