Fall Interweave Crochet Issue: Disappointing

Since it was a rainy day today, I took some time and checked out the fall issue of Interweave Crochet I received on Saturday in the mail. I noticed that on the cover it highlighted seven knit/crochet combination patterns. This left me, in a word, disappointed.

While I have attempted to knit several times over the years, it is hardly my forte. I don’t subscribe to this magazine, or any crochet magazine, to have knitting patterns. When close to one-third of an issue is devoted to patterns that include knitting, it is a complete waste for me.

Now, I am sure there are many who were happy to have these patterns included in this issue. I however, was not. Let’s forget fora a moment that crochet is often regarded as knitting’s red-headed stepchild and that I doubt a knitting magazine would ever do the same. The people who purchase this magazine are crocheters and as a result, they should focus on their main audience.

Now, I understand many will feel I am making a fuss over nothing. It is just a magazine after all. And they are probably right. However, when people are counting every penny oftentimes today, the editors should focus on providing the most relevant content possible, which gives their readers the “most bang for their buck.”

The editors of Interweave Crochet should have made these patterns an “online bonus” instead with maybe a one or two page article about it in the magazine itself. I, for one, would have been much happier.

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