March is National Crochet Month

crochetSo if you haven’t been getting your RDA of crochet, now is the time to pick up that hook! March is National Crochet Month. Many wonder what they could do to mark the occasion? Here are a few suggestions.

Plan a “Stitch and Bitch”

Crochet and being social go hand-in-hand. Plan a get together at a local coffee shop, book store, library or even your home and enjoy sharing each other projects and future crochet plans.

Teach a child to Crochet
Today kids are bombarded with “high tech” products like MP3 players, video games and cell phones. Teach a child to appreciate a “low tech” and creative process like crochet.

Donate Projects to Charity
There are plenty of charities out there that ask for crocheted items. From chemo caps to baby blankets to pet blankets, reach out to a local or favorite charity to see if they are in need. If you aren’t sure where to donate, call your local pet shelter, hospital or cancer center to see if they accept crocheted items for those they care for on a daily basis. I will be making chemo caps to donate to a local cancer center.

Start a New Project

Try making something  you have never made before. A perfect example is my sock project . I have tried several times in the past to crochet socks with zero success. I am doing a long-distance sock crochet along with my buddy Tonya and it is going very well! We are able to help each other when we get stuck and discuss our progress. It is great fun!

These are just a few different ways you can celebrate National Crochet Month. So pick up that hook and get stitchin’!

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