Sock Measurements and Gauge Swatch

I have moved forward with my sock project for the “Easy Does It” sock pattern in the book Crocheted Socks: 16 Fun-To-Stitch Patterns. For better or for worse, here is my progress…

So I read through all the directions for measuring my calf and foot for my socks and made my gauge swatch. The first thing I noticed is that my calf measurement was completely off the chart. Thinking I did something wrong, I followed the directions and measured again. I came up with the same measurement. So, I am just going to go with it. I felt slightly better when I heard my “sock buddy” Tonya had a large calf measurement as well. Confusion loves company.

Here are my foot measurements:
Foot circumference: nine inches (wide)
Leg circumference: 12 1/2 inches
Heel-to-toe: 11 inches
Toe-to-ankle: eight inches
My final sock measurements:
Leg circumference: 12 1/2 inches
Foot circumference: 8 1/2 inches
Heel-to-toe: 11 1/4 inches
Toe-to-ankle: eight inches
Easy Does It Pattern:
Leg circumference: 9 1/4 inches
Foot circumference: 9 1/4 inches
I followed the directions for the gauge swatch and I have decided I should’ve paid more attention in math class. I think my gauge swatch turned out OK, but I am honestly not sure. I am going to press forward and try on my sock as I progress. I will also continue to take notes on any corrections or adjustments I need to make as I proceed.
Stay tuned…

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