The Great Sock Project: Turning the Heel…and the Corner

First, I want to apologize for my lack of activity the last few weeks. I have been experiencing ongoing Internet connection issues recently. As a result, I haven’t been able to post my latest activity on my Great Sock Project. The long of the short of it? I have turned the heel…and a corner.

crochet sockNow, I will say I can’t remember a project so challenging for me. I have been learning new stitching (some fun, some not so much), watching my sock skills improve, and frogging more than I care to admit. As I reminder, I am doing what is considered the “basic” pattern in Crocheted Socks: 16 Fun-To-Stitch Patterns. I will say after I completed the heel turn and the gusset, it is starting to click. I am ready to move on to the foot and toe shaping and hope to have that complete this upcoming week.

What I have noticed in this pattern is that there are some issues with the stitches and directions in the book. For example, I needed some help with the lssc, because I had a hard time making sense of the diagram in the book. I could find a “split single crochet” and I could find a “long single crochet,” but I couldn’t find a “long split single crochet.” So, I watched some videos of the two different stitches on YouTube and then merged them together. For what it is worth, I am not a fan of doing the split single crochet, but it does have a nice look.

Next up…foot and toe. Stay tuned!

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