Why stash?

Recently, an interesting question was posed on a discussion group I belong to. Why stash? As I am sure you all know, the stash is the all important, and ever growing, collection of fiber, yarn, fiber tools and the like. So, why do we stash? Why do we find new and unique ways to sneak yarn and fiber into the house past the husband? (By the way, my personal favorite way to sneak is to buy the yarn, toss the store bag and put it right into my crochet bag like it was always there.)

For me, it is the creative wonder of what that wonderfully-feeling yarn or fiber could become. I love buying one skein at a time and combining it into my freeform projects. If I really love the yarn, of course I have to go back and purchase enough for an entire project! One of my favorite things to do is wander a yarn shop and just feel all the skeins of yarn until I get what my husband refers to as “the oooh factor.” That exact moment that you know you must purchase whatever yarn you are holding.

This is how the stash grows and grows. I even have a trunk my husband bought for me as a coffe table that is now filled with yarn on one side, fiber on the other side and spindles in the middle.

I would love to hear from some of you what your stash means to you and why you stash in the first place.

Stash on!

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