My New Hero!

This morning I was inspired by a segment my husband turned on for me on the Sunday Morning Show on CBS. They were talking about Karen Allen. We all know her as the lead actress in the Indiana Jones Movies and much earlier in Animal House.

Well, later in life, she went back to school, at FIT no less in 2002, to study machine knitting technology. She now has a wonderful line of sweaters, scarves, gloves and the like, as well as a shop in Barrington, MA.

After a terrible week at work and thinking at my age, where you are is where you are, Karen has given me new hope! My husband Glenn and I keep talking about a “plan.” We need to take care of certain things at this point, taking care of our health benefits, sticking to a reasonable budget and so on. If we continue to stick to that plan, there might just be a “part two” to our lives where we can truly do our passion. For me, fiber arts. For Glenn, fly fishing.

So I say to all of you, don’t feel stuck! Find your passion and make a plan! And look to Karen, a life-long knitter who has gone back to her love of fiber and re-invented it as her “part two” in life. She is most definitely my new hero!

You can see Karen’s beautiful designs by clicking here.

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