Tan Thru Golf Gloves: Just Plain Cool

tan thru golf gloves OK, I’ll admit, this has absolutely nothing to do with fiber arts. However, when I saw these this week, I thought I would share them. Why you ask? Because I do applaud things that are interesting, innovate and creative.

These are tan thru golf gloves for women. When you golf, you only wear one glove. As a result, you can get an uneven tan. Now, I don’t golf, but I have purchased, and used, golf gloves when fly fishing and I have experienced the “uneven tan;” hated by all women (including me). I thought this was an interesting product that shows great creativity. They come in half length and full length and come in a variety of colors, which I always like.

At some point a few years ago, I remember seeing tan thru bathing suits for women. I am not sure if they ever took off. My guess they didn’t is because, in general, women (like me) hate wearing bathing suits. But many women do enjoy golfing, so I see this product being much more popular.

This brings me to my “question of the week.” OK, I haven’t had a question in awhile, but it sounds better than a “question of occasion.” Have you seen a product recently that you thought was just interesting, innovative, creative or just plain neat? Maybe it is related to fiber arts, maybe it isn’t. But, ultimately, this blog is about creativity and innovation, so go ahead and share! I would love to hear from you!

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