Give Spindles a Chance!

When I began spinning, I moved from a spindle to a wheel very quickly. I never got the hang of the spindle and took to my wheel so easily, I never looked back. Well, after I gave a demonstration to a group of girl scouts in 2007 and seeing how completely fascinated they were with the spindle, I decided to give it another try.

I am happy to report that my wheel experience must have really helped me with my spindle spinning. I took to it like a fish to water! I realized that I never really gave my spindles a fair chance. I am happy to report that I now spin with my spindles just as much as I spin with my wheel. In fact, I often take one of my spindles and a bit of fiber with me to work to spin at lunch. I am now a firm believer in spindle spinning! I even now sell a spindle kit that I make myself specifically for beginners.

I learned a lot from my opportunity to go back and try my spindles again. First, I learned that collecting spindles is very addictive! I now have lots of spindles, including wonderful pieces from Golding and Grafton Fibers. I also learned that I can have a great connection to my spindles as the fiber moves through my fingers and turns into yarn.

So if you have ever thought of trying spinning, I say give spindles a chance! Pick up a spindle with fiber and begin down a wonderfully creative road. There is nothing compared to making a project with yarn you made yourself!

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