The Rose

I had been spinning on spindles for about a year in the summer of 2006. I loved the connection I felt with the fiber as it moved through my fingers to make yarn. I had a few spindles and was meeting with an instructor regularly to work to improve my skills.

It was also that summer when I decided I wanted to take that next step and purchase a wheel. I discussed it with my husband Glenn and he told me to do my research and see if I could find something that would suit me. Since there was only one fiber shop within a two-hour drive, I knew I might have to purchase sight unseen, so my research had to be thorough. This is where my IT analysis skills would have to come in as I conducted methodical research.

I first made a list of all the features I felt were important. At the time, I was living in a one-bedroom condominium, so I knew this might be my only wheel for quite some time. It had to be able to spin several different types of fiber. I wanted a matching lazy kate so I could ply. I also hoped to be able to do demonstrations down the road, so it had to be portable. I did research on the Internet, asked people’s opinions and emailed wheel companies. Most of all, I wanted to feel a connection with my wheel the same way I felt a connection with my spindles and my crochet.

After a month of searching, I had narrowed down my choices to four wheels. I was working hard to make my selection. I brought my four finalists to my instructor and she easily eliminated one. Down to three. Another friend, who is a life-long fiber artist, helped eliminate another choice. Down to two.

One day Glenn asked me to see the wheels. “I have no idea what these things look like,” he said. “Let me see some photos.”

I called up my photos that I had saved from the Internet on my computer. In one second, he pointed to one and said “that’s it, order it.” He pointed to the Majacraft Rose. When I asked why he choice that one so quickly, he said “It has a rose etched on it, what better connection to your grandmother who crocheted?” He was right. What better homage to my grandmother, the first person to attempt to teach me to crochet, the woman I loved, then to have a connection to hear as I spun yarn for my crochet?

I looked up Majacraft dealers; hoping one would be in my area. As fate would have it, the one spinning shop in that two-hour radius was also a Majacraft dealer! I called and explained that I wanted a Rose. Again as fate would have it, she was placing an order that week. “I was going to order a Suzie,” the shop owner said, “but I can easily order a Rose instead.” I was thrilled!

The next few weeks dragged on. Each day I would get home from work and immediately check the answering machine to see if my wheel was in. I had already started to develop a bond with my soon-to-be wheel, calling it “my girl” when I was referring to it in conversations.

One afternoon, my husband called me at work. “The shop just called and said the wheel is in,” he said. “I told her we would be in this weekend.” I was overjoyed! My girl was finally here.

On that Saturday, Glenn, two good fiber arts friends, and I all made the two-hour drive to the shop. The owner directed me to the back room where she had the Rose all assembled with a sign “reserved for Andrea” on it. She gave me an ounce of fiber and got me started. “I’ll check back with you in awhile,” and left me along with my girl. I took to it immediately! The feel of the fiber through my fingers was meditative. The shop owner stopped by and said “well, I guess you like her, you haven’t moved in an hour.” I couldn’t believe how quickly the day was passing. I looked at my husband and nodded and he understood immediately. “We’re going to take it,” he said. “You stay here with the wheel while I pay for it,” He came back in about two minutes and said “she said to pick out some fiber to get your started.” I was elated! I picked out several different types of fiber and thanked her for her fiber gift.

The whole ride home I just couldn’t believe I had my girl. I couldn’t wait to get home and start spinning, knowing that my grandmother’s spirit would be right beside me through my Rose.

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