My Fibery Christmas List

So as the kids are making their Christmas lists, I thought I should do mine as well. Of course my list has a fiber-arts spin to it. Here are my top picks for my Christmas list.

Celtic Swan Crochet Hooks: This is the second time this has been on my Christmas list. I may just break down and purchase one in 2015. The crochet hooks by Celtic Swan are just beautiful works of art! Hand forged from pure silver, they are hand buffed so yarn slides right through.

Yarn Switft: Like many fiber fanatics, I hate winding yarn from a hank to a ball. I’ve had a winder for several years, but I am sure it will make life much easier if I had a swift to go with it. This yarn swift from Knit Picks I think is a solid choice.

Bison Yarn: There are a lot of beautiful yarns available – and some of them can be a bit pricey. One I have always wanted to try was Bison Yarn. The Buffalo Yarn Company offers some of the finest bison yarn I’ve ever seen. Warm and soft, I’m sure a ball or two would make a very nice project!

Morgans Mane crochet hook
Crochet hook by Morgans Mane

MorgansMane Crochet Hook: I love collecting crochet hooks. And MorgansMane offers some that really lovely. This crochet hook with amethyst is high on my list!

Hook Holder: Now at this point, I definitely need something to show off my hooks. So a hook holder would be a nice addition to my fiber collection. RParishWoodWorks makes some very nice holders. Along with the MorgansMane hook, I may need to make a purchase in 2015.

Time: At the end of the day, all of us want more time. Like many, I never have enough time available. I definitely want more time to…play with fiber more! So what is on your fiber arts Christmas list? Make sure to share!

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