My LYS Pet Peeve

While checking the forums I am subscribed to on Ravelry, I read an interesting thread about poor experiences at their LYS (local yarn shops). There were several of the same issues mentioned over and over again. Things like poor customer service, lack of marked prices and the ever popular “hard sell.” There was one however that I had to share, as they are definitely not the norm.

One woman told a story about how it wasn’t just that the owner’s child was running wild, but decided she was hungry, so she climbed up on mommy’s lap, lifted her shirt and started to nurse! I have to agree with her, that is definitely something that would make me feel uncomfortable!

My poor experience took place a few years ago. There was a new shop that opened, so of course I had to check it out! I walked in and wasn’t welcomed because the owner was on a personal call. I found a ball of yarn I liked, but there was no price tag. I had to wait for the owner to finish her call to ask the price. She then asked what I planned to knit. I told her I crochet, not knit and I got an “oh” as an answer. I put the yarn back and walked out.

What is the point here? Well, if you are a LYS owner, the guidelines are simple:
1. Say hello/good morning/etc. when someone walks in.
2. Ask if I need help. If I say I am just browsing, don’t follow me around ready to pound. The hard sell doesn’t work for me.
3. Don’t give me an attitude becuase I crochet.
4. Generally be pleasant.
5. If I ask a question and honestly don’t know the answer, just say “I don’t know.” Don’t try to make something up.
6. When I make a purchase, say thank you and have a nice day.

These may sound simple, but sometimes they are easy to forget. I try to patron my local stores as a way to help the local economy. Just be nice!

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