Book Review: The Backyard Sheep

A neighbor and I sometimes joke about how we want to have some farm animals. Since we live in a condo, however, we don’t believe the condo association would exactly appreciate that. So when I received this week’s book, I had to really chuckle, thinking it was a sign that we should give another thought to our idea of building a pen for a few sheep, goats, and rabbits.

The Backyard Sheep: An Introductory Guide to Keeping Productive Pet Sheep is a great book for anyone who might be interested in keeping sheep. Even though I am not someone would can keep sheep, I still found it to be an interesting read from the point of a fiber fanatic. It not only discusses what it takes to raise healthy sheep, it also discussed the history of sheep, differences between breeds, and fleece characteristics.

It also provides information on the obvious important topics if you are considering raising sheep, such as how to select a breed, care and feeding, lambing, and keeping your sheep healthy.

It is written in a conversational tone, which I appreciated, since I usually see books like this written like a textbook. I am sure additional information is required if someone is seriously considering raising small livestock, however, I think it gives a good, and realistic, introduction to all that comes with raising sheep.

Ultimately, while many of us would love the opportunity to keep a few sheep so we have fleece and fiber always on hand, the serious fact is that it takes hard work and knowledge on how to keep these animals happy and healthy. This book definitely does a good job laying a foundation of knowledge to the novice shepherd regarding what to expect on a day-to-day basis. Like I said earlier, even if you aren’t considering raising sheep, it is still an interesting read!

So as usual, here comes the fun part, you can win this book! Again, the rules are simple:
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As an added bonus, the person who won last week’s book never contacted me, so I’ll be picking two winners this week! I’ll pick the lucky winner on October 10th. Good luck!

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