Results From the New Jersey State Fair

Wow! What a busy weekend! Glenn and I were at the New Jersey State Fair all weekend in the Richard’s Building doing fly tying demonstrations. If you are going to attend the fair next weekend, be sure to stop by and see us next weekend when we do more fly tying demonstrations.

I will say as soon as I got to the fair I went to the Home Ec section to see how I did with my entries. I first found my needle felted doll, which received a blue ribbon! Next, I found my coral reef. I must say I was disappointed to see it received only an Honorable Mention. I am very curious to see the comment card when I pick it up at the end of the fair next weekend. Next I found my hand-spun alpaca yarn received a thrid place ribbon. Last, but not least, I found my wet felted purse, which received a blue ribbon.

Overall, I would say I am  happy with my results, except for the coral reef. I am hoping that there are some comments on the cards that are given to artisans and crafters when you pick up your submissions.

One funny moment was when I was taking my photos last night. I was adjusting my doll to take photos and one of the home ec sitters came over and asked me to not touch the submissions. I explained it was my doll and that I was just trying to get a photo. She was so apologetic, it was kind of funny! I told her no apology needed; that I was happy someone was making sure the displays are kept nice and neat. She then told me she really loved the doll and asked me all about it. She was very nice.

If you attend the fair, I hope you go in to the Richard’s Building and see all the great creations!

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