The Great Crochet Sock Project…Continued

So, I have been working on my first pair of crocheted socks and I would say so far, it has been, well, OK.

Crochet Sock CuffThe “Easy Does It” pattern in the book Crocheted Socks: 16 Fun-To-Stitch Patterns calls for a double crochet foundation. I have only used this method one or two times and I had great notes on how to do it, but of course, I couldn’t find them. I didn’t find the directions in the book very user friendly, so I headed to the ‘net and my Twitter buddies and one of my Twitter followers (thanks Rebecca!) pointed me to a great set of directions on Crochet Me. After a little bit of practice, I was on my way.
Now, in order to not loose interest, I planned ahead and purchased two skeins of yarn so I could do each step simultaneously. This way I don’t complete one sock and then not want to start over again. Well, so much for best laid plans. I purchased two skeins of Red Heart Heart & Sole Yarn in razzle dazzle when I actually wanted to skeins of Red Heart Heart & Sole Yarn-Green Envy. Unfortunately, one of the skeins was mis-marked, I didn’t realize the color names were wrong. So I had to go ahead with one sock while I get another skein in the correct color. Normally, I would be furious, however, since this is a variegated yarn and will not be connected to each other, I’m not that upset.
So far, I think the project has gone well, other than those two small issues. Next, I will be moving on the probably the toughest parts – the heel and the gusset. Stay tuned…

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