Go Eco-Friendly and Natural for Earth Day

Well, today is Earth Day; a day to remember what our footprint does to the planet and ways we can use recyclable and sustainable goods and products to reduce that footprint. As a result of all these eco-concerns, many yarn companies have worked to develop some new environmentally-friendly fibers.

Caron Yarn has a variety of environmentally-friendly yarns, including Simply Soft Eco . This yarn uses plastic bottles (yes, that’s right) in their manufacturing process. Every 10 skeins of Simply Soft Eco keeps six plastic bottles from America’s landfills. To date, this yarn has recycled approximately 1.5 million plastic bottles.

Lion Brand has developed a wonderful new yarn using organic cotton. Lion Organic Cotton can be found in four natural colors (no dyes used at all) and is free from herbicides, pesticides and other agro-chemicals. Each hank is 82 yards.

Kollage is a fun yarn company that provides eco-friendly and natural yarns of all kinds! Their yarns are made of milk, soy, corn, wool, cotton, bamboo and more! These are great yarns are produced in wonderful colors and fibers. You can definitely feel good about making projects from such eco-friendly fibers.

One of my favorite recycled yarns is recycled sari silk. These are truly unique yarns and are absolutely beautiful! I have used the yarn for a variety of projects and have never been unhappy with the results. There are a wide variety of places this kind of yarn can be found. Simply do a search online and you’ll find lots of places to purchase them!

I hope these few fibers spark your creativity and give you some ideas on how to not only create beautiful projects, but reduce your carbon footprint as well! Happy Earth Day!!!

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