San Luis Valley Folk Arts and Fiber Festival Hosts the International Freeform Crochet Guild Exhibit in Monte Vista, CO

Released by the San Luis Valley Folk Arts and Fiber Festival…

The San Luis Valley Folk Arts and Fiber Festival kicks off its third year on June 23, in Monte Vista, with an exhibit of fiber artists whose work spans the globe. The SLV Fest is a celebration of the handmade and traditional arts.

Admission to both the exhibit and festival are free. Saturday and Sunday convene with two, full days of vendors, food, music, demonstrations, exhibits and contests—including the favorite wool spinning races.  There will also be children’s knitting classes on Saturday.

From the International Freeform Guild website:
“… Freeform crochet is like painting. The hook is a brush and the yarn, a paint. The result can be abstract or realistic. Freeform is original design, not a reproduction of another person’s pattern; it goes beyond the realm of patterns and restrictions that usually apply toward our art. The outcome is a piece of art like no other, not only functional, but beautiful as well. Freeform includes 2-D and 3-D art, clothing and useful items.”

Fifty-two artists contributed to the original show; At least fourteen will participate in the Monte Vista exhibit. Many of these artists exhibit locally and internationally; several have been published recurrently.

“Four Seasons” will be published in book form later this year. A calendar is also planned. All proceeds from the sales of both will benefit Woman to Woman, a non-profit organization that provides aid to women in war-torn countries. 

Participating Artists:
• Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten, Rockaway, NJ USA
• Orla Breslin. County Kerry, Ireland
• Marie Castro, Guarulhos,Sao Paulo, Brazil
• Kathie Cureington, Alabama, US
• Margaret Hubert, Pawling, NY US
• Myra Wood, Sherman Oaks, CA US
• Kerri Lincoln, Oneonta, NY, US
• Perry Lowell, Framingham, MA, US
• Renate Kirkpatrick, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
• Prudence Mapstone, Brisbane, Queensland AUS
• Sheryl Means, Richmond, TX, US
• Laura Murphy, Monte Vista, CO US
• Zelda Pheonix, West Salem, OH US
• Susan Wolf Swartz, Highland Park, IL, US
• Leslie Nelle Urinyi, New Jersey, US

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