Book Review: Felt It!

In recent years I have been doing a lot more felting and fulling. I am amazed at how strong the finished fabric can be while still offering a delicate look. There are a variety of great books that have come on the market in recent years that have brought felting and fulling to the masses. That’s where the book Felt It!: 20 Fun & Fabulous Projects to Knit & Felt
comes in.

I feel at this point it is important to make a distinction I learned when I first headed down this path. Felting and fulling are not the same. In technique, the concept of felting is taking fiber and either agitating it with hot water or using a barbed needle to create fabric. Fulling is taking a finished piece of cloth (knit, crochet, etc.) and exposing it to hot water and friction in order to make it shrink considerably. For example, if you have ever put a 100 percent wool sweater in the wash with hot water and it shrunk? You just fulled fabric!

Now, I’m not exactly sure how or why the term “felting” is now used when referring to both traditional felting as well as fulling, but if you start to do more of these projects, I wanted to make sure I used the right terms!

So the book Felt It! really has fulled projects, but they are still just great! You need some knitting skills, but there are projects for every skill level in this book. The directions are clearly written and it starts with a great introduction to this entire process, including troubleshooting tips. If this is the first time you are trying to do this process, I highly suggest reading it before you begin!

One project that immediately struck me as I flipped through the book was the Tri-Petal Flower Bracelet. The pearls as final touches it really finishes it off! The Folded Brim Crochet definitely has a touch of nostalgia to it and the Elegant Lily project is simply amazing! I honestly don’t think there was one project in this book I didn’t like. If you decide to pick it up, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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